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nomorenargles's Journal

Luna Lovegood
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This journal is used for roleplaying at hearts_andminds.

Luna Lovegood, often unkindly called Loony behind her back, is from the Harry Potter fandom. She is a witch who has fought the darkest evil in her world, spent time in captivity, and is now figuring out how to live in world that wasn't at all what she thought. If you are familiar with that fandom, this Luna deviates from canon at the end of book five, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and returns somewhere toward the end of book six, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. That year was spent at another school which her father sent her to out of fear and pulled her out of for the same reason. She helped rebuild the magical world after the fall of Tom Riddle, he who called himself Lord Voldemort, and now after seeing the world and her father for what they really are, she must rebuild herself.

She is twenty, stands about 5'9"/5'10" tall, average to lean build, long blonde hair (that for practical icon finding purposes will be dark blonde instead of movie-verse platinum), and wide blue-gray eyes. She can often be found with her wand behind her ear and a far off look on her face. (Lameazoid cut and paste with tweaks I know, hush.) For more information about the canon character Luna Lovegood, please look here, there, and way over here.

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Player Time Zone: Eastern US
Player Common Availability: I work Monday-Friday with occasional Saturdays thrown in so I am not available for serious play until after eight pm on week nights. Sundays are touch and go if plans have not been established. Also, I have various other commitments and am not always near the compy when others are available. I believe in strict balance between home, work, and play. However, I will be reasonably reachable via email when I'm not fully on-line.

Disclaimer: I am not Luna Lovegood, Delta Goodrem, or J K Rowling. Luna and the universe she comes from are property of JK Rowling, Scholastic, Raincoast Books, the WB, and a whole bunch of other people I probably missed. I'm just a schmuck having a little fun poking at her post-Hogwarts psyche.